Ferndale FAQ

These are frequently asked questions about the Ferndale Water Project.


I paid $75 with the application I turned in, but the current application has a $50 deposit.  What happens to the other $25?

If you originally paid $75 the other $25 will be credited to your account.  With the new CAW applications, only $50 will be collected.

I have a well.  Will it be condemned when water comes to Ferndale?

No.  You can keep your well and are encouraged to use for livestock or watering gardens.  It however can not be connected to the city water line.  The only exception is if an approved backflow device is installed on the incoming line and inspected yearly.

CAW's contract is is different than what I signed.  Does that matter?

CAW wants everyone who has signed up to complete their forms so that their conditions of service are agreed upon.  The original deposit will follow the new application.